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When Detective Cormac Roth calls, asking for help solving a murder high in the Hollywood Hills, genealogist Ella Graepenteck is happy to oblige, and not just because she remembers his intriguing hazel eyes. Consulting for the police could be an exciting new branch of her career. Unfortunately, Detective Rafael Vasquez, Roth’s partner and mentor, doubts the value of Ella’s participation, but the best way for her to prove him wrong is to crack this puzzling case.

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Paperback and Ebook Now Available!

The Leading Ladies is now available as both a paperback and an ebook! The adventures of Ella Graepenteck, professional genealogist and amateur sleuth, continue! If you aren’t familiar with Ella yet, you can start with Book 1, The Moving Pictures, and then move on to The Leading Ladies. Enjoy Ella Graepenteck Genealogy Mysteries!

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