How Genealogy Debunks Myths About History, #3: Moving House

We frequently hear about how much more mobile people are now than in previous eras. Technological developments have made travel and communication easier, so people move around more. I’m sure in many ways that’s true, but I have found that even though moving was more difficult before, people did it pretty often anyway. When I … Continue reading How Genealogy Debunks Myths About History, #3: Moving House

Back to Posting

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything here. I really have no excuse. Yes, the pandemic came along, and things were weird, and my brain felt all discombobulated, but that was true for everyone. I didn’t get sick, and I’m now fully vaccinated, and nothing particularly tragic happened to me. I’ve been … Continue reading Back to Posting

Photos of Beautiful Places

I've been lucky enough to travel to some fascinating and beautiful places, and today I just thought I would share some photos I've taken of a few of them. If you ever have a chance to go to any of these places, do it. Actually being there is far better than any photo.  

On Groups, Individuals, Brains, and Politics

One of the many things I have been puzzling over lately is the psychological phenomenon in which people have trouble remembering that groups are made up of individuals. Examples include stories such as this one, about a town where people are shocked to discover that their vote to summarily expel all undocumented immigrants means a great … Continue reading On Groups, Individuals, Brains, and Politics