It’s Way Too Early to Choose a Candidate

I keep getting emails asking me to support various presidential candidates. It seems insane to me that campaigns are already in full force more than a year before the election. I refuse to choose a candidate this far in advance. The reason they are already campaigning is that they have to raise so much money. Billionaires and banks and big corporations keep outspending each other on lobbyists and candidates, and the amounts have gotten ridiculous. The level of corruption that creates is just disgusting.

I have given money to one candidate. I gave $25 to Lawrence Lessig to help get him to his $1,000,000 by Labor Day goal, so he will launch his campaign. It’s not because I plan to vote for him. As I said, I refuse to choose a candidate more than a year before the election. I gave it to him because I think he is right that until we contain this money problem we won’t be able to fix our other pressing problems. I want him to run to bring attention to the issue. I want as many Americans as possible to realize that we have to own our democracy. None of our big problems will get solved until the people who want them solved have more power than the people who don’t.

I might vote for him, in the end. It depends on what happens between now and then. A lot can happen in a year. I’m glad, though, that I am part of the reason he is officially announcing his campaign tomorrow. I hope he gets enough attention and enough support that whoever is elected is forced to do something about campaign finance reform.

That’s my rant for the day.

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